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Search Environmental Ltd

Asbestos Surveyors and Consultants

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Our Asbestos Services

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Our survey team was set up to meet the demand for independent and experienced consultants in asbestos surveys within the UK. We have an excellent reputation for quality, flexibility and a bespoke approach towards all our asbestos survey types, ensuring all our clients receive a first class service. Our asbestos consultancy now has a large portfolio of prestigious clients spanning the UK, both in the public and the private sectors. SEL’s clientele can expect independent and professional advice and fast 24-hour cover from our qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors and asbestos management consultants. Our survey team is fully equipped to tackle any occupational health projects, and offer a truly national and consistent asbestos management and consultancy package.

Asbestos Surveyors and Asbestos Management Consultants 

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Search Environmental Ltd is an independent asbestos management consultancy specialising in asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans